GPA has exceptional expertise and experience in managing disputes and contentious matters for both international and domestic clients, we also have access to leading international disputes expertise and know-how.  Our disputes work regularly involves advising major international companies on significant contentious matters within the region.


Arbitration can prove to be a cost-effective means for the settlement of disputes, particularly disputes involving multinational parties.  Dispute prevention and early resolution of unavoidable conflicts are the cornerstones of our practice.  We have years of experience working directly with key project personnel to avoid disputes and effectively and efficiently resolve on a ‘real-time’ basis those disputes which cannot be avoided.

Arbitration clauses, meticulously drafted by us in contracts and agreements, have been instrumental in protecting the interests of our clients.

Our lawyers also maintain a heavy schedule of attending lectures and seminars on techniques for avoiding and resolving disputes sponsored by various international organizations.  GPA and its partners are members of several national and international arbitration boards.

Recent Arbitration experience includes:

·          a major Italian contractor on US$ 20 million dispute with a subcontractor relating to the construction of a tower

·          a leading domestic contractor on US$ 10 million dispute for breach of contract and non-compliance with contractual specifications relating to the construction of exhaust pipes in a power plant

Alternative Dispute Resolution

GPA is committed to preventing and resolving disputes and our lawyers assist and represent clients to develop innovative alternatives to litigation.  We are increasingly providing advice on pre-litigation matters and Alternative Dispute Resolution has become an integral part of our practice.  We regularly undertake mediations, expert determinations, adjudications and bespoke processes to resolve disputes.


In cases where alternatives are not feasible, the firm moves forward with litigation.  Our resources enable us to establish relationships with our clients to serve their needs more effectively and efficiently, while meeting their budgetary requirements.  As our Litigation Practice Group is part of our larger general law practice it can efficiently involve our experienced lawyers in other areas when client interests extend beyond litigation matters. 

Litigation is entrusted to our highly qualified lawyers experienced in advocacy and trial work before all courts of law, judicial committees and commissions throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  GPA is one of the foremost firms of its kind in the Kingdom, holding litigation licenses from the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Commerce.

GPA advises a wide range of international clients and recent litigation experience includes advising:

·          a leading corporate on US$ 10 billion product liability claim launched by the Saudi Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia

·          an international airline on its claim in connection with a sale of goods contract at the Board of Grievance Commercial Committee;

·          a leading Saudi corporate on its claim for €280m against its foreign joint venture partner before the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce Arbitral Tribunal;

·          a leading Swiss-based Islamic Finance institution on their dispute with a Saudi borrower which was heard before a Finance Committee formed by Royal Decree;

·          Saudi Aramco on US$ 217 million damages claim for breach of contract and non-payment in relation to a Kerosene purchase agreement

·          Saudi Aramco US$ 93 million damages claim for non-delivery in relation to a Kerosene purchase agreement

·          Saudi Aramco US$ 66 million damages claim for breach of contract and non-delivery in relation to a Natural Gas purchase agreement (counsel to defendant)