GPA is widely acknowledged as the leading Saudi firm for Mergers & Acquisitions.

We act for some of the largest and most active Saudi and global corporates and advise our clients on the acquisition and disposal of domestic companies and assets across a broad range of market sectors. We also act for a number of leading Saudi conglomerates.

Our expertise also includes specialised advice in competition and regulatory issues where we represent a broad cross-section of local and overseas clients on share and asset acquisitions.       

GPA has extensive experience and advised on a number of ground-breaking transactions in the Mergers and Acquisitions field, including:

·         the sale of a large well-known chain of supermarkets to a high-profile Saudi corporate.  The scope of work included conducting the necessary legal due diligence including preparation of the legal opinions and consultation with regards to the laws governing acquisition of physical and human resources assets, transfer of intellectual property, licensing issues, confidentiality and trade secrets issues and the formalities for effecting transfer of ownership.  GPA also prepared and reviewed the transfer of shares agreement and all of the related legal forms and regulatory documents.

·         a leading and publicly held Saudi corporation, acquiring the entire assets and interests of a company from another large-sized publicly held Saudi company.  The scope of advice included mainly the broad legal due diligence exercise that comprised reviewing all types of contracts (employment, insurance, facilities, financial statements, etc.) as well as advising on the share transfer agreement and all related contracts and documentations.

·         the sale of a limited partnership company to another business Group.  The scope of advice included analysing and preparing the legal opinion concerning the transfer of the 50 shareholders’ shares in the company to two existing companies, including verifying their legal standing, and finalising the transfer proceedings before the concerned official authorities and satisfaction of the transferees dues.

·         formalising the sale-purchase transaction of an international company which has purchased the entire shareholding of a large Saudi company and obtaining the approval of the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) for the acquisition of the company by the client

·         a major Kuwaiti investment company in the acquisition of 40% of a leading Saudi car lease company.  Our role involved conducting the legal due diligence exercise, drafting the share purchase agreement, the shareholders agreement, and legal counsel’s opinion, and all related issues, as well as incorporating the related special purpose vehicle.

·         a major Saudi company  on all its Saudi agreements, i.e. lease agreements, and all related business agreements as well as in the restructuring of its relationship with its international partner.  The restructuring involved spinning off the existing company, creating two different companies and drafting and reviewing all agreements relating to the acquisition of shares, and the transferral of all licenses, assets and employees etc. to the new entities.

·         a Saudi conglomerate in a merger transaction between three of its subsidiaries.  The assignment included conducting the legal due diligence exercise, drafting the merger agreement, and all relevant agreements and documents.